Dipple’s Proactive HVAC Maintenance Plan

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Customer Assurance Plan

Start Saving with HVAC Maintenance Plans

Dipple Plumbing’s Customer Assurance Plans Provide Peace of Mind

At Dipple Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air, our goal is to help our customers make the most out of their heating and cooling systems. We want to help more customers avoid service disruptions and expensive unit replacements, which is why we offer our Customer Assurance Plan.

Our Customer Assurance Plan helps you protect your heating and cooling system with twice-a-year maintenance service, keeping your system running smoothly and reducing the risk of equipment failure.

As a family-owned company, we’re passionate about helping Greenville families protect their hard-earned money. With our maintenance plans, you put your money-saving maintenance on autopilot: We’ll provide two annual inspections and tune-ups to make sure your system runs optimally in every season.

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Why HVAC Maintenance Makes Sense

It’s tempting to think that spending money on your heating and cooling system when it’s working properly doesn’t make sense. Yet, just like your car’s engine, your HVAC system is made up of complex parts that need a tune-up to run well. Maintaining your system is one of the best things you can do for it.

Plus, most customers who opt for the Customer Assurance Plan save money in the long haul.

Our Customer Assurance Plans help you save money:

  • Reduce the risk of costly repairs: Our technicians will spot small problems and deal with them before they become big ones.
  • Reduce your energy bills: A well-maintained system uses less energy to operate, which adds up to significant savings.
  • Extend the lifespan of your unit: Systems can build up debris, leading to premature corrosion on the coils and other vital components. We clean this, preventing damage and often increasing the lifespan of the system.
  • Learn how your system works: Our technicians will help you understand how your heating and cooling systems work, so you can further optimize their performance.
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Our Greenville HVAC Maintenance Services

Comprehensive Heating Maintenance

To keep your heating system operating at its best, you can trust our team to thoroughly inspect and optimize the system. Our multi-point inspection includes:

  • Monitoring the flue draft for safety
  • Checking and tightening all loose electrical connections
  • Checking and testing safety controls
  • Checking amperage draw on all motors
  • Checking ductwork
  • Adjusting air flow for proper temperature rise
  • Checking and testing thermostats
  • Monitoring the furnace cycle
  • Checking the heat exchanger
  • Making recommendations for efficiency

Our inspections often reveal the need for a minor repair that can prevent serious, more costly repairs later.

Multi-Point Cooling System Maintenance

Greenville’s hot, humid summers make an efficient cooling system a necessity. During our cooling system maintenance checks, we’ll handle:

  • Inspecting the cooling coil (if accessible)
  • Checking primary and secondary drains
  • Cleaning and checking the condenser coil
  • Cleaning and checking the thermostat
  • Checking the ductwork
  • Checking and tightening loose electrical connections
  • Checking operation pressure to ensure the optimal refrigerant charge
  • Testing voltage and amperage draw on all motors
  • Monitoring air conditioning cycles
  • Making recommendations for system improvements

Like we do for heating, we’ll inspect your AC for signs that it may need repair, so you can proactively keep your system operating efficiently all summer long.

Protect Your HVAC System with Our Customer Assurance Plan

All of us at Dipple Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air want you to get the most out of your heating and cooling system. Our Customer Assurance Plan is the smartest, most reliable way to stay on top of maintenance needs.

Invest in your HVAC system with annual maintenance from our qualified technicians and start saving today.