Crawl Space Encapsulation

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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Greenville, SC

Protecting Your Home with a Sealed Crawl Space

Do you know what’s living under your home? From humidity to pests, the crawl space in your Upstate area home can be the source of many costly and unwanted problems. Crawl space encapsulation helps protect against these unwanted invaders so you can keep your home—and your family—safe.

Dipple Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air wants Upstate South Carolina homeowners to have the right protection, and that’s why we are pleased to offer crawl space encapsulation.

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Benefits of crawl space encapsulation in the Upstate

Stopping mold and mildew growth and eliminating pests will prevent contaminants from getting into your ductwork and making your family sick, and this improvement in air quality is the #1 main benefit of crawl space encapsulation. Not only that, sealing that crawlspace delivers additional benefits like these:

Prevents Humidity and Rodents

With a sealed crawl space, rodents can’t get in and moisture can’t build up.

Increased HVAC System Lifespan

Your crawl space houses much of your HVAC equipment, and protecting that costly equipment from moisture and pests will increase its lifespan.

Improved System Efficiency

Once it isn’t battling moisture, dirt, mold, and other build-up, your HVAC unit will run more efficiently, keeping you cooler or warmer while using less energy.

Additional Storage Space

Your encapsulated crawl space can double as safe storage.

Decreased Energy Bills

Encapsulation lowers humidity levels while adding insulation in the winter months, so you may see your heating and cooling bills decrease.

Improved Longevity of Wood Structures

When you protect your wood from moisture, you protect it against rot and other types of water damage, so it has a longer lifespan. This applies to floor joists, other wooden supports, and even wood flooring on the first floor of your home!

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Your Best Protection Against Greenville’s Humidity

If you’ve lived here for even one summer, you already know: the humidity in Upstate South Carolina is famously intense. And that’s a problem for homes built over a crawl space: high humidity allows moisture to infiltrate your crawl space, damaging your home’s foundation. Also, moisture in or under your home left unattended can cause dangerous mold or mildew growth. The crawl space is the most common place for moisture to get into your home, leaving you vulnerable to all sorts of decay and contaminant buildup.
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Signs You Need Crawl Space Encapsulation

Any homeowner with a crawl space will benefit from encapsulation services. But certain warning signs indicate you have a problem brewing and need to talk to us immediately.

These signs of danger include:

  • Musty or unpleasant smells coming through your air ducts
  • Indoor air quality problems
  • Sagging insulation from floor joists
  • Water penetrating the foundation and crawl space
  • Deterioration of your home’s structural integrity
  • Dips or warping in your hardwood or other signs of water damage on your floors
  • Water drainage
  • Rodent or insect infestations in your home

Contact Dipple Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air for professional crawl space encapsulation in Greenville and the surrounding areas to put a stop to these common but dangerous problems.
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Do you see water in your crawl space or does it stay moist over time? Click to learn how we can help control the water run off by using French drains for water control.

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Stop Pests from Accessing Your Home

Not only is humidity a risk from your crawl space, but so are pests. The crawl space is a warm, enclosed area, and a wide range of pests can make their way into it when they’re looking for a place to nest. At best, they will leave behind a mess in the crawl space. At worst, they can create structural damage and even make their way inside your home.

Our crawl space encapsulation process will help with this problem, too. When you seal off your crawl space, these critters can’t get inside.

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How the Encapsulation Process Works

Professional crawl space waterproofing is known as crawl space encapsulation. This process starts with removing all moisture from the crawl space area using a dehumidifier underneath your home. Once the crawl space is dry, our team will address any mold or moisture damage.

Finally, we’ll install a system that seals or encapsulates the entire space—including several feet up the inside of your exterior walls. This moisture control measure prevents moisture from getting into your crawl space, and you’ll never have to worry about mold and water damage coming from your crawl space again.

What’s really going on underneath your home? Schedule a consultation to discuss crawl space encapsulation to find out. Dipple is #1 in customer satisfaction and we’re ready to meet your needs!

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Trust the Home Comfort Experts at Dipple

For 40 years, Dipple Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air has been serving homeowners in Greenville and the Upstate. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we’re dedicated to the ongoing education of our technicians.

If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits, call our team at 8643193220 to schedule your crawl space encapsulation.